Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cake scrap ice cream cake


Oh yeah! Thanks to my sister-in-law Sheri who had the brilliant idea of turning wedding cake scraps into an ice cream cake. Though I feel like I betrayed her vision a little by turning it basically into more wedding cake…with ice cream. Here’s the idea, in any case: put your cake scraps in the food processor and turn them into crumbs. Press them into the bottom of a pan (I’m using at 8x8 square here, but it obviously depends on your quantity of leftover cake scraps). If you have leftover fillings, you could layer them like I did here: raspberry filling, topped with vanilla ice cream (I softened the ice cream in the fridge for about 40 minutes before spreading it, and had previously frozen the raspberry layer for about the same amount of time), topped with lemon curd (I refroze after the ice cream addition for about an hour). After that press another layer of cake crumbs on top, and frost with any leftover frosting. When it came time to serve this last night I let it soften on the counter for about a half hour before trying to dig in—it would have been a futile exercise otherwise, but 30 minutes was just perfect. This particular ice cream cake is riiiiiiich. Or in the immortal words of Le Mechant Pat Hibulaire: “Riche! Riche! Richissme!!” So if anyone nearby wants a slice, PLEASE come to our house and take some; we’ve been up to our ears in cake practice rounds and leftovers for awhile now, so please help us out!

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