Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pregnant Lady finally gets bun out of oven

At long last, I’ve been delivered of my pelvic burden, in the form of the handsomest, sweetest little 8lb wonder ever. Fielding Christopher Gray left the oven a few days ahead of schedule, on Sunday Aug. 1. What a great birthday that is. Here are a few shots of his first few days.

Daddy setting him down for the big weigh-in (8lbs 1.5oz):


That’s one proud papa.


I think everyone has gotten a glimpse of this curly mop by now. That was right after his bath—I don’t think it will look like that all the time. Right now he’s got sort of a 1940’s film star wave going on.


Relaxing evening at the hospital after making his big debut.

IMG_7972 IMG_7974 IMG_7978

We came home yesterday and Stella was so eager to make his acquaintance; they’re pals already.


The big question is whether the blog will go on now that the Pregnant Lady is no longer pregnant. Well, she’s still pretty hungry….

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  1. If you're nursing, your body will require even more calories than when you were pregnant. So this blog HAS to go on!

    Congratulations, we're are thrilled for you!