Friday, March 12, 2010

Best Pregnancy Breakfast 6: The Blue-Green Shake

makes 2 medium-sized servings


I know what you’re thinking: that’s not blue-green at all. In fact it looks just like all the other shakes I make with blueberries. I was surprised, actually, that a shake with a cup of fresh spinach in it didn’t have more of a green tinge. But maybe that’s a positive thing, because it will convince you even further that a breakfast shake with spinach will offend neither your taste buds nor your aesthetic sensibilities. Truth be told: you really can’t taste it at all.

1 C thick plain yogurt (you can’t beat my recipe!)

2 Tbs real maple syrup

1/2 C soymilk (vanilla soymilk would be especially good)

1 banana, peeled and broken into chunks

1 overflowing C frozen blueberries

1 generous cup fresh (preferably organic) baby spinach

Look at this beautiful, stratified portrait of health! Hit the button and blend it all up!


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