Sunday, March 7, 2010

Easy Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream


I wanted to make a special dessert for Oscar night, since Chris' parents were coming over to celebrate the annual Oscar ballot battle with us, but my fridge was virtually devoid of the usual baking staples (like eggs, heh). So then I hit on homemade ice cream, and I was thinking ginger. Whoops, I have no fresh ginger. And then this peanut butter cup idea came into focus: finally a homemade ice cream that is low-maintenance, affordable and delicious. I’m too cheap to use real Reese’s, and too lazy to make my own to exact specifications, so see below how to make a great approximation.

Lazy person’s peanut butter nuggets:

1/2 C smooth peanut butter

1/2 C powdered sugar

1/2 graham cracker crumbs

1/2 C mini chocolate chips (milk choc, if you can find it—I could only find semi-sweet)

Mix all ingredients. Roll into small balls and freeze on a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper for 30 minutes before adding to ice cream. We determined tonight that the balls should be much smaller. You could probably just break off little pieces of dough and not worry about rolling them because, really, no one will notice because they’ll be too busy swooning.


Ice Cream:

1 C half and half

2 C cream

3/4 C sugar

2 tsp vanilla

pinch of salt

Mix sugar, half and half and salt, and whisk together 1-2 minutes until sugar is dissolved. Stir in cream and vanilla. Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s instructions. Here’s mine churning away.


Remove ice cream and fold in peanut butter nuggets before putting in a container and freezing for few hours or overnight before serving.

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