Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why am I doing this?

This pregnancy (number two) is decidedly different from the first. The sickness is more intense, but the appetite is greater; the cravings are more specific, and food is infinitely less repugnant. I'm 13 weeks in now, and after noticing that I have been cooking nearly non-stop--indeed, waking up in the night sometimes with a (genius) idea of exactly what I want to eat!--it occured to me that other (pregnant) women might enjoy getting a glimpse of what I've been working on. In some cases my brain is coming up with semi-innovative ideas. Other times it's an old standby that suddenly seems like the holy grail of my culinary desire.

Since I'm getting a late start, the first post won't have any pictures and will instead be a run-through of some of the things that I've clawed my way to the pantry to make so far.

There's really just one problem with this system: my husband and I are only two people, and my son, 2 years-old, subsists on cereal and "crisps." We're having trouble dealing with my leftovers, because usually after two or three meals, I don't want said compulsive object of my cravings anymore. So anyone who needs a homecooked meal come on over! The fridge is full!

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  1. Sarah, you are far too much fun! Grace and I giggled as we huddled around the laptop reading your blog. I'm hungry now for coconut curry, peanut butter cookies (which I must say were the best peanut butter cookies I have EVER eaten!) and Pad Thai! Mmmmmm. I'm looking forward to reading (eating) future posts :)