Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Most Excellent Salmon Snack

That’s a pretty disgusting sounding title, but I tell you that nothing hits the spot like a little smoked salmon on crisps! And of course this is a great mid-morning/mid-afternoon snack for the pregnant lady because of the protein, the omegas, the vegetables, the whole grains and the belly-calming citrus goodness. Check it:

Take some whole grain crisps—I like Wasa Sesame Rye Crisps (there are many that are gluten-free)--and spread them with cream cheese and some sliced raw vegetables such as you see here: bell peppers and cucumbers.


Cover said lusciousness with the smoked salmon of your choice (my hands down favorite is Nova Lox; it’s like the mother I never had). Squeeze copious amounts of fresh lemon all over these babies, and then liberally sprinkle them with fresh pepper. No, these are not all for me; this is one healthy snack that Chris gets very excited about.


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