Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Truly a beautiful sight…

A baker likes nothing more than the sight of a pile of eggshells and a few flour-covered measuring cups. This picture is the promise of things to come.


The last two weeks have been incredibly busy: I had a deadline on a dissertation chapter, and Sawyer and I were out of town for 4 days. Result? The Gray family has been subsisting on impromptu snacks and food from my mother-in-law because pregnant lady has NOT been cooking. But we’re back on track now! I’m just waiting to serve the luscious things that made all these eggshells, when I’ll be able to get a great picture of individual pieces, to post all the details. So don’t fret, anyone-who-might-be-reading, the recipes will keep coming, starting in a day or two.

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  1. Sarah, I cannot wait to see your post on cassata. I love that cake so much! I continue to marvel at your prolificness, even when you're busy. Keep up the great blogging!